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    Save web form feature


      We are having issues with the save web feature


      1) my colleague saved her form after completing the first page of questions and then saved again after completing the second page of questions - the link takes her to an incomplete form (missing the first set of answers. 



      2) we have had several people save their partially completed form and no email was sent with the link to access the form. We have no way to retrieve the data. 



      Any assistance would be appreciated.

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          Eman Fu Adobe Employee

          1) Please email me (emanfu@adobe.com) the data link so that I can take a look.


          2) Do you see any error message complaining the email cannot be sent when the data was saved? If not, then it means our server has successfully received the email request but sometimes it'll take some time to process it if the system is really busy.


          The next thing I would recommend is to check your spam folder to see if the email is there.


          The data link email will be only sent at the first time you save the data. It is recommended that you don't close the form window before you see the data link email. If you don't receive the data link email for a while, you can save the form in the same window, and when you see a slider message saying "Your form was successfully saved." with a link "Re-send email with link", click that link to have your data link email resent.