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    Mac InDesign cs6 to PC InDesign CC


      Hello everyone,


      I am having issues going from a Mac using cs6 to a PC using CC.


      I have templates for store signage, ads for all different media outlets that all have different sizes, etc. and my problem is with the logos and pictures not being recognized.


      I knew going into this that this would not be a completely smooth transition, but I did not anticipate that every time I open one of these files for the first time that I would have to relink all the different elements of the file.  All the files I access come from the Marketing folder.


      The path on my old mac in which I created the files:  Macintosh HD > Documents > Marketing

      The path on my PC in which I tried to best duplicate the path:  OS (C:) > Documents > Marketing


      Is there a way to communicate to InDesign to replace Macintosh HD iwith OS (C:)?


      Any help is much appreciated!