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    Export to EPUB large image & caption on 1 page

    webnewbie10 Level 1

      I can't seem to do something that should be very simple. I've spent 2 days on this, checking out Lynda,con courses, and forums. But can't figure it out!


      After each chapter, I would like:

      1. A full page photo and caption underneath it on same page. It doesn't need to bleed, but I'd like the images to be LARGE, basically take up most of the page (and be centered vertically, if possible, but I can live without that.)

      2. The anchored image/caption group should adjust so it takes up roughly the same proportion of the page, if viewed as a single page (e.g when looking at ibooks in portrait position, as it does when looking at it horizontally, meaning it would scale down and look like it takes up most of the page proportionately when page is smaller.)


      I grouped the image and caption then anchored them into the text flow. I exported so it would break before the paragraph  the image/caption group anchored to, so  the image DOES start on a new page. But sometimes the caption is with the photo (portrait view) and sometimes on the next page (landscape view). I've tried all kinds of combos with object styles. Can't get it to work. I know it should be simple, since it's a pretty basic design idea.


      When viewed horizontally:

      For both photo 1 @ 2, the caption is on a new page. On photo 2, the caption is cut off.


      When viewed vertically:

      For photo 1, the caption is on top of the photo (I thought you couldn't overlap things in Epub3!). For Photo 2, image and caption appear on same page, but image looks small.


      The packaged Indesign files are available here




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          pooja2087 Adobe Employee



          Thanks for reaching out to us on the forum. To help you with your query, I would need more information from you.

          Which version of InDesign are you using?

          Group items did not maintain their relative position in InDesign CC and earlier. Group items used to behave like two independent items appearing one after the other unless the group is set to Rasterise in which case the group would be convert into an image with text burned in.

          In InDesign 9.2, the group items maintain their relative position so there is no need to set the group to rasterize in order to preserve group appearance.There are few cavaets here, if the image size is too big (i.e. > 600 x 600 px) then the image may get cut  with a part of iamge appearing on next page and in that case the group will not appear on same page. But this issue will not happen if you will choose appropriate image size.

          Which viewer are you viewing your EPUB in?




          InDesign Engineering

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            webnewbie10 Level 1

            Hi Pooja:


            Thanks for your response. I am on CC v.9.2. I took some screenshots from my ipad (I am using the ibooks viewer) to better explain the issue.




            1. Test1—photo1: (This is taken from the file in the TestforForum.zip. See link in the original post). This shows roughly how large I want the images to appear. It could be a bit smaller so the caption fits. (Is that why it appears on top of image?)


            I didn't take a screenshot, but when you turn ipad landscape, the photo is nice and big, but the caption moves to the next page. I'd like it to scale down proportionately, so the photo and caption are on one page, and fill most of the page.



            I did note that these group items are taller than 600 px. So I did another text, making sure the groups were less than 600px high.


            2. Test 2—Photo1: (See link below)
            The grouped image and caption is 599 px tall. But look how TINY it is on the page now! In landscape mode, it does fill the page, but the caption is cut off.


            I uploaded these new files to dropbox, so you can help decipher the exact issue.




            3. As far as captions getting cut off, I found I needed to make the text frame much taller. I'm guessing this is to accomodate caption fonts becoming bigger when scaled on the reader. BUT if I make the frames taller, that means the photo has to be even smaller, to fit within 600 px height when grouped.


            I hope you'll take a look at the two sets of zipped files. I've tried everything I can think of. Please let me know if you need screenshots of the landscape mode.


            Thank you!!!! I REALLY appreciate your help on this. Jami

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              pooja2087 Adobe Employee

              Hi Jami,


              As told intially, if the image is large, the caption will move to next page. In some scenario, the image may also get split and appear partially on next page if it is too large. So you will have to adjust the size of the image accordingly. If you wish your caption and image to appear together in landscape mode, you will have to use  a reduced image size.

              For the captions getting cut off: Caption text frame or a text frame which is part of a group is very different from a normal text frame from EPUB perspective. This frame carries with it its dimensions in the CSS and is marked overflow:hidden, so only the text that can fit in that particular size will appear, rest will juts hide. So it is advisable to make it slightly bigger than what it is appearing in InDesign to avoid text going in overset and as a result appearing hidden. Obviously, if you will increase the font-size from reader settings to a significant extent, the text will start getting clipped.


              Does anchoring group to text frame has a role in your workflow, I mean is it important? If not, there is another workaround without creating a group of caption and image:

              1. Set the image to "Relative to text flow" from Object export options

              2. Set  Space before on the caption frame fom Object export options

              You can give it a try if the appearance with this setting works for you!!




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                webnewbie10 Level 1



                Thanks for your response. I've given up worrying about if the caption is on the same page, since I think most folks won't view it in landscape mode.


                In order to make the images the right size on the ipad, I needed to make them larger than 600 x 600 (otherwise, they only filled about 60% of the space.) The image/caption group is about 750 px tall, the photo itself is about 650px. But it looks good on Ipad and fits on one page. See below.



                BUT on kindle fire previewer, the photo and caption get tiny. I want it to be 2x as large on the page. (See screenshot below) I'm at a loss. How do I size the photos so they look  large on both Kindle and Ipad when viewed as a single page? Thanks!



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                  Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Make one version of the EPUB file for the iPad, and one for the Kindle Fire.


                  Each version will be submitted to a different store.

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                    pooja2087 Adobe Employee



                    You are viewing in Kindle Fie HDX and that is why the images are looking smaller. Kindle Fire HD will give you a better preview.

                    But, if your target device is Kindle HDX, then a separate version of EPUB will need to be created.