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    HELP: Javascript dropdown menu

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      Hi all,
      i am currently developing a website which is all ready to be uploaded but
      cant because of a javascript dropdown menu.. I have a flash slideshow in the
      center and on the rightside are 6 images (mainlinks) one below the other.
      Some of these mainlinks have sublinks which need to be displayed as
      dropdowns. The dropdown needs to be as Javascript for easy future
      changes/additions and not in flash.

      I visited many websites - javascripts.com / simplythebest / dynamicdrive
      /hotscripts and many other sites..but failed to find a suitable, easily
      editable and compatible script..

      1) dropdown menu on image Mousever
      2) The script should have/allow to set the respective x,y (left,top) values
      which some scripts lack.
      3) Compatible for IE and Firefox

      The only 1 compatible and easy editable script i had was mm_menu by Andy
      Finnell. But sadly the script is missing something and giving errors.