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    how to update creative cloud without admin rights / workaround / windows 7

    lsatony Level 1

      one of my co-workers is running creative cloud on a PC / windows 7.  we're using typekit fonts in our AI files. 


      seems creative cloud wants to update pretty often, like every week.


      THE ISSUE(S)


      • the user can't update it themselves without getting IT to login as admin to the PC.
      • we can't access the typekit fonts without the creative cloud app running.
      • we can't run the creative cloud app until we run the update (the updates are forced)


      it's a major hold-up for us, as the team can't work on a file properly as the fonts are missing w/out CC running.  and we can't update CC without IT.  and we can't run CC without updating. 


      is there any workaround for this?  can the CC updates be "turned off" or sceduled once a month or something like that?