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    Weird behaviour with Xerox Colorqube 8570


      I have recently run into problems printing a document 178mm x 254mm on to a greetings card of the same size via the manual feed tray.

      The whole document get shrunk by about 10%. So a box that is 120mm x 160mm prints 112mm x 150mm Weird!


      I am using InDesign CC on an MBP 17" - loads of space and Ram. I have done all the checking on the settings to make sure page size matches the printer etc. Scaling is off and everything should be fine but no joy.


      What is annoying is that if I feed an A4 sheet manually (having set the printer page size to A4) the images appear at the correct size.


      I have been on the phone with Xerox today, unistalled, drivers, tried new drivers (for Mavericks) to no avail.


      I have read all the usual answers about checking page sizes, turning scaling off so need a fresh answer please!