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    PDF Maker crashing Outlook 2013 in Windows 8.1


      I have:

      Windows 8.1 64-bit

      Outlook 2013 64-bit

      Adobe Acrobat XI Standard, 11.0.06


      This is what I do:

      Start Outlook. Outllok crashes: Displays popup window saying "Microsoft Outlook has stopped working". The only option is "Close program" I click which closes the popup window. Outlook did not start at all.


      I start Outlook a second time. This time Outlook starts but has a yellow bar at the top that says, "ADD-IN PROBLEM". I click to view Disabled Add-Ins. PDF Maker Office COM Add-in is disabled. I click to enable.


      I close Outlook. Then I start Outlook again. Outlook crashes as before. The second time has PDF Maker disabled as before, etc.


      Looks like Adobe PDF Maker crashes Outlook 2013.

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          Indinfer Level 1

          I'm surprised that nobody from Adobe replied. I guess Adobe does not care if users are having problems using their software.


          In any case, I found that if you right-click on Outlook, then run Outlook in administrator mode, Outlook starts up, and PDF Maker does not crash Outlook. So I guess that means that if you want the extra protection of not running Outlook in Administrator mode, then you cannot use Adobe Acrobat.


          I like Adobe Acrobat. So, this leaves me in a quandry. I tried other PDF makers and editors. I like Adobe Acrobat the best. I remember Nuance's PDF software was so buggy. As far as I can tell, Adobe Acrobat has only one bug, and that bug is only in the PDF Maker part. Everything else Adobe has been working. But I also don't want to give up the protection by having to run Outlook in Administrator Mode.

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            Indinfer Level 1

            I found another problem with always running Outlook as Administrator. Instant Search does not work when Outlook is run as Administrator. So, just running Outlook as Administrator is not a solution to keep Adobe PDF Maker from crashing Outlook.

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              Bill@VT Level 7

              Thanks for the feedback of what you found. As for Adobe, this is a user forum and not a place to find employees. I am surprised that no one replied to your original post -- I don't remember seeing it. However, I am not a Win8 user and hate MS products like Outlook and am probably not a good one to comment. Hopefully someone with experience on the topic will drop by. Sometimes you just have to nudge a topic because folks missed it.

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                Indinfer Level 1

                You have a good point that this forum is not a place to find Adobe employees. I probably need to find where Adobe offers support or takes bug reports.


                Until my problem is solved, I don't really know for sure that there is a bug in anything, or that the problem is in the Adobe product or the Microsoft product or anything. But Adobe seems like the place to start because Outlook is not pointing to any other add-in, only to PDF Maker.


                I am curious what you use instead of Outlook.