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    Problem "DRM busy" when including a video file (.ts)


      I owned the Premier Elements 12 and all simple cut and burn procedures worked well.

      I use it mainly for burning DVDs using recordings from TV with file format .mpg or .ts.

      But one single .ts file could not be loaded into the workplace, posting the (german) error message "Diese Datei kann nicht geöffnet werden, da die Berechtigungverwaltung gerade bearbeitet wird" means as I guess:

      "File can not be opened because DRM is busy".

      I would understand if the source was a copy right DVD or similar, but this file is one of many out of a doku sequence from the same TV station which all be could be cut and burned without troubles except this one single file!

      (The size of the mentioned video is 5GB but even larger files could be opened correctly)


      Remark: Instead of this it is allready possible to copy this file anywhere and to play it at the PC by an viewer!


      The questiones are:

      1. Why is DRM "busy", waiting for which event?

      2. How can I check if this is a feature caused by an attribute of the recorded file or if is a bug of the program PE12?

      3. How can I workaround?


      Hoping for a solution and not only boring anybody

      br mike



      using PE12 at HP ProBook with Windows7prof

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Not sure what DRM (Digital Rights Management) problem might be getting in the way, since this is not a Copy-Protected disc. I only see such errors with fully DRM-protected source material.


          Maybe others will have ideas for you.


          Good luck,



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            mith11 Level 1

            I found out some new information about the DRM problem which shifted the point of view but didnt solve the problem itself (file couldnt be opened):

            When I tried to see the attributes of the mentioned file by using the PE12 menu, the following error msg appeared:

            "Eigenschaften dieser Datei konnten nicht abgerufen werden"

            ~ "Attributes of this file could not be read".


            EVEN all the attributes of this video file can be read by the MS-file-attributes command correctly as for each other video file (size, length, rate etc)!

            The question now is why is PE12 not able to read and show the file attributes as MS does?

            Can anybody analyze this file (5GB!) or how can I do it myself?

            Is there a header which could be separated for analyzing?


            br mike