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    How do I convert a Finale Notepad file to ".pdf?"


      I have created a music notation score and in the online "help" from Finale, they suggest if you want to save a file as .pdf you have to purchase Acrobat.


      I did.


      When I tried to follow the directions below I cannot find the "postscrip" (*.ps) file that I "Print to File" with.  Here is what Finale instructs. I am using WIndows 7 if that helps. (I've tried naming the document a unique name and doing a "search" but it will not locate anything.


      There’s more than one way to create a PDF, but this method will give you more control over the results. See your Adobe Acrobat manual for full details.

      1. Open the file in Finale. 
      2. Choose File > Print. The Print dialog box appears.
      3. From the Destination popup menu, choose File. 
      4. Click Save. The Save dialog box appears.
      5. Give the file a name (you may wish to save it to the Desktop for convenience) and click Save. 
      6. Quit Finale and return to your Desktop. 
      7. Drag the PostScript Listing (*.PS) file to your Acrobat Distiller or launch the Acrobat Distiller and open the file. The Acrobat Distiller creates a PDF of your file in the same location and the same name before the period as your PostScript file.