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    Is there a time remapping issue in After Effects CC?

    Dr ZeroThrE

      I use time remapping for mouth animation among other things.  I have 15 mouths that I was using with the “toggle hold keyframe” selected and “preserve frame rate when nested” box checked.  I had been working for about 12 hours (always replaying each sentence after animating it.  Out of nowhere, I went back to check the last sentence I had just animated and it was all messed up -  replaced with random mouth shapes - not the ones I chose.  Then I went back to the beginning and it changed the first several hundred time remapping key frames to the same shape.  I’m freaking now because not only did I lose the work but how do I know that if I redo it it won’t just happen randomly again?  I’m using a mid 2010 Mac Pro with 96 GB of ram.  Thanks for any info.