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    QR Code Sizing Errors


      I created a QR Code using InDesign's "Generate QR Code" feature and would like to incorporate QR codes into our company's business card design. That said, I don't want the code to be more than 0.75" – otherwise it takes up too much space on the card and just doesn't look good.


      When I did a test print and tried to scan the code with commonly used reader apps, it only worked on 3/8 readers (http://www.inman.com/2011/08/02/top-10-qr-code-and-barcode-scanner-reader-apps-iphone-ipad /).


      I tried testing other QR codes from miscellaneous marketing materials I've received and those QR codes worked on all the readers, I even tried other business cards with the same contact information embedded.


      After some more research, I have come to the conclusion that the issue might be that the resolution is too high. Meaning that because of the large amount of information/data I'm embedding (basically every field in the InDesign "Business Card" content type) the individual vector shapes are too small for the code to decipher. The part that I don't understand though is that this should be fixed when I bring up the size to 1" or even 1.5" but when I do this, they still don't scan.


      Has anyone else experienced similar issues with InDesign's QR code generator? Is there a way to keep the same amount of content embeded in the code while decreasing the resolution as I described above?