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    How to designate a portion of text included on a master page as editable?

    daveh0 Level 1

      For example:


      If every page within my document contains the following sentence:



      In my free time I like to read because it is fun.



      I would add it to the master page and that would be the end of it. But what if on certain pages, I need to change a portion of that sentence and still have everything visually flow together? For instance, on pages 3, 8 and 9, I need for the sentence to read:


      In my free time I like to swim because it is fun.

      In my free time I like to go horseback riding because it is fun.

      In my free time I like to sing songs because it is fun.


      respectively. And now rather than it being 3 pages, this occurs on 103 pages?



      I know that I can break the link between the text and the master page and then edit that text freely. But I still need for the uneditable portions of that text to remain linked to the paster page in case any of its attributes need to be modified.



      I feel like it should be as simple as adding page numbers. It would be great if on my masterpage I could add something to the effect of:


      In my free time I like to ACTIVITY_VALUE because it is fun.


      And then define the value of (or even directly edit) ACTIVITY_VALUE.



      From what I can see, this is not possible using master pages or text variables. If anyone has any wisdom to impart, I would be most appreciative.