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    Trouble installing Flash Player 12

    blue specklefish

      I have just performed a “clean install” of Flash Player 12. The installer explicitly said I was installing version 12. And yet Flash Player 12 is nowhere to be found on my computer. Any Flash I try to run brings up Player 10. A spotlight search shows only version 10. I followed these instructions absolutely to the letter:



      Download the appropriate uninstaller from the following page: Uninstall Flash Player | Mac

      Close all browser windows, mount and run the uninstaller

      Restart OS X

      Delete all remaining files and folders locating in the following folders:

      \Library\Internet Plug-Ins\Flash Player.plugin

      \Library\Internet Plug-Ins\flashplayer.xpt

      ~\Library\Preferences\Macromedia\Flash Player\

      ~\Library\Caches\Adobe\Flash Player\


      At this point, Flash Player should be fully removed from your system.  To download the most recent version of the Player for installation, please visit http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer



      But apparently this didn't work. If I try to run a NewsHour clip, for instance, I get a “plug-in failure” flag. (The clip runs fine on my phone.) How do I get rid of all previous versions of Flash, and install version 12?


      Shouldn’t this kind of thing be simple?

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          Mike M Level 6

          There's one other place to trash files from if you're still seeing the "blocked plugin".

          Mac HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash Player Install Manager

          Trash everything there and then do the "clean install".

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            lloyd1981 Level 1

            Had very much the same issue. An "install" would progress to 95%, then freeze. I followed Mike M's advice, as well as running Uninstall again. Before removing the file

            Mac HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash Player Install Manager

            I had gone through a number of procedures (booting safe, etc.). Would do everything in your list. Still would not proceed past 95%. A new file had been installed. Under ~/library/preferences/Macromedia/ the folder Flash Player appeared, this time with another Flash Player folder in that folder. A current update time would show in the Date Modified column.


            I found and removed the file


            Dragged the Flash Player folder from Macromedia folder to the trash.

            Re-ran Uninstaller.

            Emptied the trash.




            and once again it only went to 95% -- and stopped.

            A Force-Quit is required if you get that far.

            But this time, the <user>/Library/Preferences/Macromedia folder contained a fresh Flash Player folder, containing

            Folder: #SharedObjects


            >>Sub-sub folder: 195.xxx.xxx.181

            >>Sub-sub folder: s.ytimg.com

            >Sub-folder: macromedia.com

            >>Sub-sub folder: support


            Able to visit sites previously blocked in Safari and SeaMonkey (Mozilla) v. 2.26 nightly.


            You are correct: Keeping Flash alive should inspire a more consolidated install or at least a much better uninstall.