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    Indesign CS3

    Ducey Tim



      I'm Frusterated. I'm Working with Indesign CS3 . My documents all Have a Black background and I am trying to Add Page numbers. would I prefer white Page numbers. I set up my Master Pages with Page numbers but I can not get the page numbers to show through the black backgrounds of my documents. I've even tried Object, Arrange but it still doesn't work. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.



      I L BE happy to send you a picture if it Will help.


      Email: TD0806@gmail.com

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          Use layers. Put the page's background in layer at the bottom, the content in several layers above and the page number on the topmost layer.

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            Ducey Tim Level 1

            Mr. Adelberger,


            Thank You for this information. I will try it.


            Again, Thank You!



            On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 8:12 PM, Willi Adelberger

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              Ducey Tim Level 1

              Mr. Adelberger,


              I have one more question for you and then I will try not to bother you any



              My question is this.


              When I was going to elementary school, I used to buy binders that had a

              package of tabbed seperators for dividing different subject areas in a

              binder. The tabbed seperators often had different colors or I could label

              them to keep my subjects seperate. I used to also buy boxes of index cards

              that had tabbed seperators, again, to keep my subjects seperated and orderly


              Does Indesign have these? If so, please tell me how to access them or how

              to make them show up when exporting to a PDF document.


              Thank You So Much!