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    Two "play from" functions on click




      I was searching everywhere and couldnt find it.

      I tried to make "menu" button which supposed to open submenu and hide it when click again.

      Couldnt put just "play" function, because submenus have theirs submenus (3 level menu)


      There is .toggle() option, but JS are secret for me - I'm able to put this inside my anim, but unable to add some "fancy" animation (as I desire to look like).

      Well, best would be possibility to add 2nd "play from" function which will overwrite the 1st one (in 2nd label).


      Any solutions?

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          Zaxist Level 4


          it's little unclear for me, can you explain a bit more or post this part of your project here ? so i can help you with this




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            Hourless Level 1

            Hahaha. Okay...was searching solution long hours and found by myself 20mins after this post


            It's similar like in Adobe Flash - Symbols!

            Like in flash symbols have their own timelines...and scripts

            So i've made some example (tested - works)


            (main timeline)

            Menubutton (with play on click)

                 submenu1 (symbol)

                 submenu2 (symbol)

                 submenu3 (symbol)


            (submenu1 timeline)(dubleclick on symbol icon in Elements window)

            submenu1(play on "click" or on "mouse over")





            If we have other animations on our website we can convert whole menu into symbol.


            All in all that was easy. Specially when I've made few projects in flash...but still bit confused in Edge, some things are same when others totaly different (scripts! ).