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    Adobe helpless in providing support since 3rd Feb 2014 over activation of genuine product :


      How to wake senior adobe people to realise we pay for full software not for trial versions. And you have no rights to damage our reputation for your problems?


      My complain number is 185174908 I asked for genuine product to activate since 3rd of Feb. My sooftwares are showing 30 day trial even after full payment from credit card of they already took it.


      Complained on 3rd Feb, relooked for review on 7th to know status (Nothing done) Recalled on 10th they generated a complain number and said they will excelerate this case to higher team. I waited & waited & waited nothing happend.


      On 17th they wanted to know problem and called me put me to same back status of forwarding it to Higher team and get back when resolved.


      "Simple problem that trial version is active in my account is actually stopping me from both using cloud space of 20gb. reduced to only 2 gb. And software are showing 30 days trial. So they had to only close that 30 days trial and I hoe everything would have been done."


      No one in adobe seemed to correct the basic issue. And showing me how technical they are. This is damaging my reputation in front of my student when they sit in the pc and see trial version software and make fun of it. I think I am too civilized to treat Adobe people good.


      I thing there is no one with moral ground in Adobe who act responsibly to stand for right approach. Shameless approach of adobe to billing people for trial softwares and to damage there reputation in front of there client. No ethics at all.


      Can anyone tell me if there is really someone senior there who could show me some real standard of what Adobe poses or I have to turn myself out of Adobe.