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    Media/Disk cache, etc. setup for a desktop and laptop dual configuration




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      I have a desktop at home, and a laptop.  I split my time about 50/50 between the two.  I use it for AE, PP, PS mainly


      Desktop hard drive setup:

      1 SSD (Currently, Windows 8 and Adobe CC installed)

      2 - 1TB (7200rpm) drives (1 drive is where I put my project files (gets sync'd with google drive) and the other drive isn't being used at the moment)



      1TB Hard drvie (Of course, Win 8 and Adobe CC installed)  (And, the folder where I do my projects gets sync'd with google drive).


      As you can see, because I split my time between a laptop and desktop, I need to be working with the most current files (which is why I sync them through google drive).


      My question is (please remember I am new), where should I set up disk cache, media cache, and anything else so that it is effecient and more importantly so I can use either my laptop or desktop to work on the same files?


      Again, I barely know what I am talking about here.  I really don't understand what media cache, disk cache, etc. is.  I am trying to learn but I want to get this setup first so I can start with the tutorials on lynda.com.




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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First you do not need disk cache for all projects. For some it may even get in the way. Second, put your disk cache wherever you would like. If you have a second drive that is fast, use that. If you have room on your SSD drive, use that.


          If you get into trouble with a comp and previews are fouled up or things just don't look right, empty your disk cache. It's not a necessity for working with AE, it's just a convenience for some projects that may help you work a little faster.