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    Unable to change page in ebooks

    tisha denise

      I am unable to change the pages in my ebooks. I recently installed Digital Editions on my laptop that is using Windows 8 software. I was able to install the Digital Editions software without any problems. However, I am unable to change the pages in any of my ebooks including the Getting Started Digital Editions manual. I have tried using arrow keys, page up and down keys, a mouse, and even just entering in the page number and pressing enter. Nothing seems to work to get the page to change. The only time the page change is one I click on a chapter tab or make a setting change, and even then, the software only goes to first page of the chapter or in the case of the setting change, the page goes to page number indicated on the bottom of the screen. I had any older verison of Digital Editions on my old laptop that was using Windows 7 software, and I did not have any problems getting the pages to turn by using a mouse or keys on the keyboard. Do you have any insight to what may be causing this problem?