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    Why do my em dashes separate into two en dashes only in digital (ebook) format?  How do I stop that?

    Muse of HEll

      I work for a publisher and we use InDesign to set up our print files to be uploaded (usually in PDF format).


      Then I create a new file for the ebooks, removing extra pages, marking the table of content entries as internal hyperlinks, etc.


      Since the Kindle Plug-In is still in beta and cannot, for some unknown reason, recognize a TOC created using hyperlinks (even though that is what the instructions specify), I convert to an ePub, check it, do any revisions necessary, save that as the ePub upload.


      Then I convert the ePub to mobi using Calibre.


      In both instances, my em dashes separate into two en dashes in the digital versions.  I use the InDesign Type drop down to select the em dash and it appears as a single symbol or glyph.  The print file looks perfect.  It is only when it is converted to a digital format that the em dash splits in justified format.


      Do I need to find a special glyph to use that is not contained in my font (Times New Roman)?  I really need to fix this!  Any help is appreciated.