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    Applying Style Effects with vba script




      I've been doing a lot of scripting with VBA to create data driven graphics with good results so far.


      Now I want to try and fancy things up a bit. For example I'm trying to add an Effect to an object.


      As example, I create a simple filled rectangle with the following:


      Set objRectangle = docRef.PathItems.Rectangle(x, y, w, h)

      objRectangle.FillColor = rgbColorRef

      objRectangle.Stroked = False

      objRectangle.Filled = True


      After I want to apply an effect equivalent to selecting Effect > Stylize > Scribble... from the menus in Illustrator.


      I found PathItem.ApplyEffect (LiveEffectXML As String) but not sure this is correct approach. Can't find any documentation or examples on this or reference for the LiveEffectXML string.


      Sure would appreciate some help if anyone has done this.





      PS I'm using CS6