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    Small business needing help with additional license for CC for 3 months


      (I was prompted to ask a question as a first time user of the forum but it seems to have disappeared which is a little frustrating. So here I go again, hope this time it works...)


      I'm a small business with a single user license for Creative Cloud which I've been subscribing to for about a year now. I have a foreign student coming to do training and get experience with us for 3 months - as his area of learning is Adobe design he will need access to Adobe CC.


      I can't afford to buy a year's subscription for him but I was wondering if it would be possible to buy a 3 month's student license for Adobe CC. He starts on the 3rd of March so this is quite urgent...


      I couldn't find a contact number to talk to a sales person in Ireland so I hope some one can help me before the 3rd of March.




      (Adobe user since 1999)