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    Why is "Pantone Black 4" not in the InDesign swatches?


      Hello. I am laying out a book, and want to use different Pantone blacks instead of process black (i.e. PANTONE Black 4, 5, 6, etc.), but when I go to Pantone solid uncoated swathes in InDesing, they simply aren't there.


      I have a Pantone chip book, and the different blacks all exist within the solid uncoated folder, so why are they absent from InDesign?


      Any tips will be greatly appreciated on this one! I don't know what else to do...


      I am using InDesign 5, and running it on a Mac OS 10.9.1.

      I previously ran it with 10.7 and updated recently, but have always had that issue.


      Many thanks!