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    InDesign multiple language data source

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      I have a question regarding InDesign and a multiple language data source.


      I am not sure if this is possible with CSV, XML, MySQL, or if there is a third-party plugin available for this...but here it goes:


      I have some data:




      What I need to be able to do is insert the SOURCE fieldnames/placeholders throughout a document and then depending on what language I select (either through a text variable, or manual selection), the translated terms are automatically inserted in place.


      Is this possible?

      Or is there a work-around?


      Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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          Wpp Id


          if you don't want to use external plugins you can try to use Data Merge panel with conditional text panel. Maybe it's not the perfect tool but I hope it can help you:


          - first of all save your table in a csv or txt file like that http://weappon.com/files/text.txt

          - create a new document

          - open it from menu Window > Utilities > DataMerge

          - from top-right icon click "Select Data source" and import your txt file

          - panel will be filled with your file fields


          - go to a master page and place a text-frame inside and activate it for writing inside

          - now click to each fields in Data Merge panel: text frame will be filled with your fields.

          - open ConditionalText pane from Window > Type&Tables > Conditional Text

          - create 3 labels for for the 3 languages in your data

          - then select your field in the text frame and assign the related contion text label and do that for each language


          - now select first page on Page panel

          - come back to DataMerge pane and on the menu click on "Create Merged Document..."

          - On first tab select "Multiple Records"

          - Click ok and your data will be merged

          - Now if you enable/disable conditional text you can show/hide your languages



          I hope this can be useful for you

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            Joel Cherney Level 5

            That is slick.


            To be honest, it sounds like a tiny bit of overkill to me. I'd use a separate CSV source for each language, then run the merge once for each language. But I compulsively keep language resources in separate files - comes of fifteen years' worth of maintaining tranlation memory databases, I suppose. Since I think of InDesign as a presentation format, not a place to store data, I don't personally see the appeal of having all of your content in a single INDD which you then tweak into localized versions by turning stuff on and off. But if you want your five-language tutorial to be All In A Single File then this method is elegant and easy-to-use.

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              der_baron Level 1

              This is a good solution. Thank you for taking the time to explain this. It makes sense.

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                der_baron Level 1

                Overall, I do think I might have to re-think how to handle multiple language data in InDesign. Wpp id's solution is effective but keeping tanslated data in separate files is what I do anyway. So it seems like a long way round to implement what I was thinking. For now, it's back to the drawing board. Thanks