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    question about layout of footnotes in InDesign?

    Sara Houmann Mortensen Level 1



      Regarding a book layout:

      I have imported a word document. Preserved the footnotes in the document and given the text and foot notes different styles.


      1)The footnotes is automaticly placed in the end of each colum. This is fine - I don't want them to be end-notes, BUT I would like to layout a bit. Eg. choose how much spacing there is between the real text and the notes. (right now its really close and not to beautiful!)

      - Is this possible?


      2) Then a nother thing. I'd actually like to gather all the notes for one SPREAD on the right side of the spread.

      - Is that possible? (I meen to actually have the foot notes in seperate colums that can be moved around - or something like that.)


      Hope someone can answer me?:-) Tahnks!!


      Best wishes,



      PS: I work in CC.