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    Issue in InDesign CS6 IDML


      Issue: Italics character style applied on the texts, which are not tagged with <italics>


      It is IDML conversion process. We have converted the XML files to IDML using xslt and idml script and opened the IDML file in CS6, the texts are seems to be in italic text, but the texts are not tagged with <italic> tag. The text “(Parrello” is applied with italic character style but it is not tagged with <italic> tag.



      But, if we open the same IDML file in CS5, it looks correct. The text “(Parrello” is in normal.


      It is clearly seems to be a bug in CS6.


      Root cause:


      If two consecutive closing tags appeared, then we face this issue.


      For example, <xref>Part 2</xref></italic> (Parrello

      Not only this tag, any tag that is coming consecutively will have this issue. If bold tag comes, then the text continues with bold formatting.


      For example, <xref>Part 2</xref></bold> (Parrello


      Temporary solution: If we give space between two consecutive closing XML tags in xml file, then the issue has been solved.


      For example, <xref>Part 2</xref> </italic>(Parrello

      For example, <xref>Part 2</xref> </bold>(Parrello


      It would be helpful if anyone share any solution in InDesign itself for this issue.