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    Edgehero.js 1.0 Released!  ------------ Edge Animate Js Libary -------   ----- Important

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      It's Finally here!

      Edgehero.js 1.0



      What is Edgehero.js?



      Edgehero.js is a js libary that can be linked to your Edge Animate project.

      It makes thinks that require coding easy to add without coding.

      Just trough adding a new class.

      For example to center something in your project. give it the class center.

      and it is that simple and easy to use.



      Below are a list of the updates:

      - Edgehero.js can now be loaded trough the new scriptloading system.

      - Everything is unlimited now. Everything? yes from unlimited number of videos/audio to an unlimited number of slideshows you can use.

      - Responsive Slideshow added. horizontal and vertical slider.

      - New video/audio controls added, like display the time of a video.

      - Cube3d will alwase become a cube even when its not sqaure.

      - 3d triangle added.

      - Smooth scrolling to id added. create a button that when clicked, you will scroll to a certain part of your edge animate animation.

      - Major bug fix. optimised to work on all browsers

      - and lots more!



      Demos of some of the new functions:




      Download and Docs of Edgehero 1.0:




      Check out edgeHero.com now!



      Tell us what to update next and what to improve!