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    Still having issues with animate composition showing in chrome


      I created a wonderful childrens activity page using animate.  For some reason everything shows up in the local preview, but once put onto a live host for public consumption, the animate portion of the paqe does not show up in Chrome.  It takes a few seconds in Firefox, IE, and Safari due to 4 Audio files but the composition is displayed once they are done loading.  It won't show period in Chrome. 


      When I first starting having the issue I noticed two 404 errors related to min.map files for jquery and edge.  I had a friend tell me that it had something to do with Chrome's unwillingness to work with local jquery hosted libraries.  I changed the publish settings so that the runtime files would refer to CDNs.  Even with this I'm still having issues.


      the 404 still exists for the edge file, but the jquery file is returning a 304 error now.  What is the deal with this and why isn't my work being displayed in Chrome?  Is this a bug? Or is there some kind of workaround for Chrome's inconcsistancy with this?  I really need this page viewable yesterday, so any and all assistance with this will be supererbly appreciated.


      The page in referenece is http://steamcurriculum.com/whatsmissing/index.html  and as you will see, only Chrome does not display the edge composition.