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    root.fpj gets corrupted

    Krischu Level 1

      When using RH9 with the file structure located on a network drive we are getting all sorts of errors with reading or writing root.fpj.


      In the end, root.fpj is left corrupted/truncated and you are lucky when you have made a backup.


      This happens right in the moment when you want to add a new theme (CTRL-T). Once you have added the theme and you want to leave RH 9 you are getting a window, saying


      Beim Speichern von Daten in

      <H:\Robohelp_deutsch\Robohelp-Projekte\Version-1.2.-folder\SomeFolder\Company-123\XYZ-000\ root.fpj <5> ist ein Fehler aufgetreten.


      Clicking OK give the same error but with a <1>


      Then the same text, but while reading, and then you can kiss goodbye to your root.fpj