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    Import SWF sequence into Flash CC?

    macampbell_09 Level 1

      I am working in a group and most of us have Flash CS6 but one person has CC, and our work flow requires us to import SWFs that were converted from Video in After Effects to Flash. This works without a hitch in CS6, but I read they dropped the feature in CC.




      We do this method because it is the easiest way to bring in video and use it for frame by frame animation on top of the video. Regular video import doesn't allow for timeline scrubbing frame by frame (atleast not that I know of). However, when importing a SWF to the library it will create a movie clip symbol in the library, with all of the frames sequenced inside, and we can make it a graphic symbol on the stage and scrub, also everything being in a symbol allows us to adjust alpha.This doesn't seem to work with video import. The other method I tried was importing a sequence but that will not put everything into a symbol, it just brings bitmaps into the library. Copying frames like these usually causes Flash to crash so it is a bit unstable to use sequences.


      So Does anyone have a work around, and do they plan on putting that feature back?