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    Can't add datasource for local SQL Server Express

    Xophe99 Level 1

      I can't get new datasource to connect to a local SQL Server Express (2008).


      On SSE, I enabled non-NTLM authentication, created an account specifically for CFServer, and was able to log into SQL Server through Management Studio. But the datasource still won't connect.


      When I enter computerName/SQLServerName for the Server, I get a message saying "...The requested instance is either invalid or not running."


      When I enter just SQLServerName, message says "Error establishing socket. Unknown host: SQLServerName."


      When I enter (local), I get a message saying "Error establishing socket. Unknown host: (local)"


      When I enter, message says "Error establishing socket to host and port: Reason: Connection refused: connect"


      I don't know why the first is considered invalid, or why the fourth is refusing connection. Am I forgetting something?