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    Adobe Organizer 12 Crashes w/Windows 8.1


      I've recently purchased/downloaded Adobe Photoshop/Premiere Elements 12, and am running same on my newly built i7 CPU, 32GB RAM, 7 TB of HDD space, Gigabyte MB, etc.


      When I attempt to import Sony Camcorder *.m2ts video files with Organizer 12, Organizer crashes...alternately while importing videos, while creating thumbnails, etc. Restarting Organizer will allow me to continue creating thumbnails in the imported folders IF it didn't crash during the file import/id process.


      I found that if I keep the number of imported files below 50, I can usually make it through the initial process, then while thumbnail creation is happening, Organizer would crash. Upon crashing, I can reopen Organizer, and will see the thumbnail creation process continue OK.


      When attempting to import some 5,000 such files...50 at a time becomes very tedious, esp. with the need to restart the app after every attempt to import and ID video files!