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    IDCS6 - How do I create tables with large whole numbers and small fractions?

    Lou Dina Level 3

      I have a lot of engineering data, dimensions, etc, to enter into an existing IDCS6 Table. I need whole numbers to display full size, but fractions to be small size. I know I can use Open Type and select the Fractions option for each individual fraction, but that would take forever and give me a roaring headache.


      How do I create a style (or whatever) that will allow me to just type in the numbers and have them automatically apply small formatting to the fraction portion of the number whenever it sees a "/"?



      Along a similar line, I was trying to copy table data from a PDF document from Acrobat X Pro and paste that into an IDCS6 table, so each cell is populated by the appropriate cell data from the PDF file, but didn't have any success. That would really save me a lot of time, because I have many complete tables in PDF format. The data is not protected in the PDF, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to bring it over to IDCS6.


      On a Mac, OSX 10.8.5.