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    Web page display issue (Please I'm lost since a week)




      I'm new on this forum and a really beginer with adobe Muse and website design...

      Also I'm french so please forgive my aproximativ English...


      Here is my problem:


      I'm triyng to create a website with Muse and first it seems to be easy.

      I use a free template, and now I'm designing the page master but the problem is  when I try to preview it appears like the picture I enclosed. muse pb.PNG


      The target appearance is in the second file enclosed. but muse.PNG

      My page seeting is :



      I tried to find a solution by myself but I can't find what's the problem...I tried to preview in an another screen but it's the same problem...


      Can somebody help me please? It will save me...this is my first work project ever and I want to do it well !


      Thank you