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    Rendering Machine Specs

    Bryan Sliwowski Level 1

      I am looking to build a machine specifically for rendering.  I have listed the options below.  Does anyone have issues with this build? Improvements? Overkill?


      Thanks for all input.



      Processor: Intel Xeon Processor E5-2620 (15M Cache, 2.00 GHz, 7.20 GT/s Intel QPI)

      OperatingSystem: Windows 7 Professional 64 English

      Form Factor: Tower 7x9

      Motherboard: D30 Planar - TPM Enabled - Win7 ME8.0

      1st MemoryDIMM:16GB ECC 2Rx4 PC3 1600MHz RDIMM

      2nd MemoryDIMM:16GB ECC 2Rx4 PC3 1600MHz RDIMM

      First VideoAdapter:Nvidia Quadro 4000 (Dual link DVI, DP, DP, Stereo 3D) - 2GB GDDR5 - Win7ME8.0

      Hard Drive

      First Hard DriveBay:2.5" 256GB SATA Solid State Drive (OPAL)

      Second HardDrive Bay:2.5" 300GB SATA - Solid State Drive (SSD), 6Gb/s, MLC

      First Optical

      Device Bay:DVD Burner/CD-RW Rambo Drive (SATA) - Win7 ME8.0


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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You will want a third, much larger, hard drive to keep your footage and renders on. One SSD for the OS and programs and one for the cache is fine, but I'd want a bigger drive to put everything else on.


          The Quadro is certainly overkill for After Effects work. Barring third-party plugins (like Element 3d), AE only uses the power of the GPU for certain few things. Read about it here. Even if you use Element 3d, the card is still overkill.


          The power of Xeon processors is really shown in that you can have more than one in your system. This is great for 3d software, but not so much for AE. In the current version of AE, AE is not very good at utilizing multiple cores, much less multiple processors. For some projects it works really well to render on multiple cores. However, for some projects, it actually makes it worse. Unless you're planning to put two Xeons in your box, I would consider getting the lower class of processor. And, whatever processor you get, I would get one with fewer cores and a higher clock speed.


          Now, keep in mind that all of this processor talk is related to the current version of After Effects. I am very hopeful that they will sort out the multicore and multiprocessor rendering issues in a future version and get AE up to the blazing speed I think it could have.

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            See this page for information about hardware for After Effects: http://adobe.ly/pRYOuk