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    Issues with duplicating a composition and its precomps


      I have a composition that contains several precomps of text and images, as you can see below.


      "Main Composition" is, like it sounds, my main composition and it is comprised of the other text and image elements.  I am creating a video backdrop for an awards banquet, so I have created this sort of "finalists" style video where it plays through the finalists in each category.  I am trying to clone this composition so I can simply swap out the text and images for the finalists in each category.


      I have tried cloning the entire folder, but the changes I make in one composition are still affecting the other.  I'll admit, I am new to AE, so maybe I am missing something, but everything I've read states that as long as I duplicate all of the precomps then everything should remain completely independent, but it's not working as such.


      Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, as I am about to smash something.