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    Creative Cloud Updater Lit

    MyYawrood Level 1

      I posted this on Photoshop Lightroom but did not receive responses - so maybe someone here can help me. Thanks in advance.


      When I open the Creative Cloud updated, Lightroom 5 (along with 5 other applications) are listed with "Install" next to then.  This implies that if I want to use Lightroom (and the others) I must install them rather than received them automatically.  Yet, I already have Photoshop Lightroom 5 in my Adobe applications.  Is Lightroom 5 and Photoshop Lightroom 5 two different applications?  If so, why must I install Lightroom 5 separately when others are installed automatically?  If not, and they are one and the same, the questions remains as to why must I install them separately? 


      Also, why are others waiting to be Installed? 

      • Edge Animate CC
      • Edge Code CC (Preview)
      • Edge Reflow CC (Preview)
      • Gaming SDK 1.3
      • Scout CC



      I also have another question:  Why must I continue (and still get updates) for CS6?


      Thanks for any help.