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    Filled area on left or right side of path – make path clockwise - reverse path

    Benjamin Dahl



      for a script I'm writing, which will select path points at specific angles (all angles with less than 180°) I need to know, if the inner part of my shape (namely the filled area) is to the left or to the right regarding the direction the path is running.

      Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-20 um 19.46.46.png

      In Illustrator I'm able to create shapes by drawing clockwise or counterclockwise. This is a problem, because the filled area sometimes is to the left and sometimes to the right. I know a script out there, which makes the path running the reverse direction. But it doesn't care if the path is already running clockwise or counterclockwise.


      I'm looking for a script which allows me to destinctivly make a path running clockwise when it is counterclockwise so that the filled area is to the right of the path or leave it as it is.

      I've been searching on google for ages already but could'nt find any script which handled this before.


      thank you for any help