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    Executeing Command Line Java

      Greetings, I need to execute the following command line in java (and get the results via CF):

      java -cp /Volumes/htdocs/encrypt/me/;../bcprov-jdk14-133.jar;.; com.me.crypt.Do test

      I have tried to do this with cfexecute but I cant seem to use the arguments attribute correctly. I have even tried this but all I ever get back is a blank string:

      <cfexecute name="java" arguments="-version" timeout="100" variable="MyObj" />

      Im also not sure how to create a object with the"../bcprov-jdk14-133.jar" in there. Normally I would just put the classes in the classpath and create a object but the jar is throwing things off. Its not my java class and Im not really at liberty to change it.