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    Fehler bei Transcodierung


      In Premiere Elements 10  (Auch Premiere Elements 9 ist install.) erscheint nach Freigabe für  DISC brennen von DVDs - nach erfolgter Codierung immer die Meldung "Fehler bei Transcodierung" 3%

      Grafikkarte ATI RADEON HD 5670 /Computer ACPI x86-basierter PC.

      Kann mir jemand einen Tipp geben - Danke R:H.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Set your output to a folder on your hard drive, instead of direct to a DVD, to find out if it your DVD that is the problem, or something else


          The Elements Tutorial Links Page http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1275830 may also help

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Have you solved your Premiere Elements 10 burn to disc DVD issue?


            Can we assume that the Premiere Elements 10 burn to folder - Folder (4.7GB) - worked for you?


            How many Timeline markers do you have? If you have them, is there enough space between them?

            Do you have stop markers on that Timeline? If so, do you have one at the end of the last item on the Timeline? If so, remove

            it since you do not need it and it causes serious problems in the program when placed there.


            Please review and then let us know the outcome.


            Thank you.



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              menuelist Level 1


              Ihre Antwort ist am richtigen Weg –Bitte hie meine genaueren Daten-wenn noch etwas fehlt –(da Beginner der  Adobe  Community)

              Freigeben eine Projekts- menübasierte Disc-Transcodierungsfehler!

              22.02.2014 02:55

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              Projekt: Nilkreuzfahrt- Tempel Gesamtdauer 00:24:30:14 - in Premiere Elements 10 -keine clips - nur Bilder (jpeg) -Audio mp3 .


              Freigeben einer menübasierenden Disc. Bei der Codierung läuft  alles ganz normal, aber bei der Transcodierung stop bei 3 %. Wo kann der Fehler sein?




                1.. 00:00:00:00 Hauptmenü 1

                2.. 00:00:01:10 Nilkreuzfahrt

                3.. 00:12:19:20 Philae-Tempel

                4.. 00:13:31:19 Hatschepsut-Tempel

                5.. 00:15:13:10 EDFU-Tempel

                6.. 00:17:22:02 KOM-OMBO-Tempel

                7.. 00:18:01:06 KARNAK -Tempel

                8.. 00:20:49:15 LUXOR-Tempel

                9.. 00:24:30:14 ENDE (Stopp-Marke gelöscht)

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thank you for your reply with details. Some more details needs to understand


                In cases like these, it is a good idea to be inspecting the Timeline expanded with the -+ slider above the Timeline.


                1. Are you using a disc menu theme from the Adobe display of choices OR are you using a menu that your created or obtained from some place else? Does your menu set up include a Main Menu and Scene Menu OR just one Main Menu.

                You show

                1. 00:00:00: 00 main menu 1

                2. 00:00:01: 10 Nile cruise

                3. 00:12:19: 20-Philae Temple

                4. 00:13:31: 19 Hatshepsut Temple

                5. 00:15:13: 10 EDFU Temple

                6. 00:17:22: 02 KOM-OMBO Temple

                7. 00:18:01: 06 KARNAK Temple

                8. 00:20:49: 15-LUXOR Temple

                9. 00:24:30: 14 end (stop mark deleted)

                Do you you have scene markers and stop markers through out the list, except at the end of the last item on the Timeline?

                If so, please check the spacing between the scene markers and stop markers.


                2. With the Timeline expanded, look for very thin vertical black lines scattered among the track contents. If present, they represents fragments of file that were generated when you move files around on the Timeline. If present, they need to be deleted.


                3. When you are burning the Timeline content to DVD disc, the progress bar with start

                Encoding Menu 1 of 1

                and continue

                Encoding Media

                and continue

                Compiling Media

                and continue to

                Burning Disc 1 of 1


                Please confirm at the beginning (3%) of which of those 4 processes the transcoding error pops up.


                Thank you.