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    PS CC Says I need more than 512 Vram ...


      I was using Photoshop last night just to prep a couple of photos for class submission (3 pictures, just reducing their size for web consumption), and I got the message stating that I needed more than 512 Megs of Vram, which was odd to me, as I have 1024 Dedicated available on my video card. I don't run a dual monitor setup any longer, but I do have an ASUS PBs278 that's running at 2560 X 1440. My current graphics card is an ATI Radeon 6800 HD, and my windows 7 system is running on 8 gigs of ram. Up till within the last week, CC has worked just fine, but the other day on boot, it took an unusually long time to get into the software. It eventually did, and I'm wondering if that was an update or some such that's now made the software decree that if it doesn't have the 512 it thinks it should have, the 3d functions won't happen. I don't know if it's a consequence of the larger quantity of pixels being pushed, or if it's the video card getting too old to support CC at such a high resolution now, but some help would be amazing.