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    App option for buy new game levels



      I am junior programer, and I want start to develop a App Game. And inside of this app, I want offer to the user buy a new game levels.

      If some user buy a new level, this will appear in the same App, together with the other level.


      A clear example of this function, Is for example in the App of Angry Bird, if you want you can buy a new levels.

      Here some clear images about what I mean:


      3.png 2.PNG


      Ok, my question is:

      ¿Is possible do this with Flash Builder, Flex and ActionScript? or this function is only if you develop with Xcode.


      If is posible with Flex,... please can you show me some tutorial, code, example or reference, to do this.


      I appreciate your help.

      Thanks a lot!