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      Hello, I have Adobe Premiere Elements 12. I finished all editing of my home movies and wound up with 148min. I would like to burn the DVD disk on my lap top. Can I use the standard 120min. Dynex DVD-R disk.? Will the Adobe program make the proper adjustments and alow the movies to fit on this disk? Nice easy answers please...I'm an electronic nitwit....Thank you..!!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          As a general rule, a standard DVD holds about 70-80 minutes of footage at full quality. You've got about twice that.


          I suppose it's worth a try -- though if it doesn't work or look good, you'll know why.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            You will do just fine.


            Publish+Share/Disc/DVD disc....

            In the burn dialog, you should see a place to put a check mark next to "Fit Content to Available Space". Please do that.

            In the Quality area of that same burn dialog, you will Space Required and Bitrate.

            With the "Fit..." setting active, the program will lower that Bitrate value to try to make the fit as much as it can. The lower it sets

            the Bitrate value, the lower will be the quality of the end product. You can get away with a little bit of lower of the Bitrate

            before you see a significant hit on the quality. The Bitrate value max = 8.00 Mbps. Watch that if and when it is lowered.


            Keep in mind with those DVD disc

            4.7 GB/120 minutes, that 4.7 GB in reality = 4.38 GB

            8.5 GB/240 minutes, that 8.5 GB in reality = 7.95 GB


            Give it a try and then let us know the results.





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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Welcome to the forum.


              As has been stated, to fit more Duration onto a disc, say a DVD-5, the Bit-Rate might need to be lowered. Bit-Rate determines the files size of the Encoded MPEG-2 AV file, and also the Quality. As Bit-Rate goes down, so will the file size, allowing for a greater Duration, but at the expense of Quality.


              Only your eyes can determine whether that resultant Quality is still good enough.


              If not, then I would consider using a DVD-9, to keep the Bit-Rate up, and the Quality at its highest.


              Also, I do not recognize the brand of blank media that you have. It might be great, or maybe not. If you experience any playability issues, consider using Verbatim, Taiyo-Yuden, or Falcon Pro blank media.


              Good luck,



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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Hunt has mentioned use of a DVD-5 and DVD-9 disc for your burn to disc DVD.


                A just in case note, the DVD-5 is the 4.7 GB/120 minutes disc and DVD-9 is the 8.5 GB/240 minutes disc (aka double layer singled sided).



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                  erick1953 Level 1

                  THANK YOU..!! THANK YOU..!! THANK YOU..!!...You guys were great with your advice. To A.T.Romano, I followed your advice and checked the "Fit content to available space" box and presto..beautiful, wonderful, results. The finished viedo looked and sounded fantastic. My hats off to the Adobe premiere elements 12 folks. If this electronicly challenged person can do it, anyone can...!!!


                                                                                               Regards to all, Erick

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Thanks for the great news of success. We are very please to learn of your progress. Great job.


                    The best is yet to come.