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    cloud file syncing concern

    nbsoloflash Level 1

      I’m about to buy a laptop and am concerned about using the cloud as a means to sync files between my desktop and my laptop, as both will be used for the same project. Obviously this is not a complicated or unusual situation, but I still need some clarification on how the cloud works exactly.


      How does the cloud file syncing handle a scenario like this:

      1. I work on my video on my desktop. Files sync.
      2. I go on location with my laptop and work on video some more. Files partly sync but do not have time to fully upload to cloud.
      3. I return to desktop, begin work on a different project.


      Will the cloud files then revert back to the way my files are on my desktop (since my laptop is off and desktop is on)? Or will the partial file uploads be downloaded to my desktop?  Then when I turn my laptop back on, will the cloud files continue to upload, or will the cloud take priority and files on my laptop will be removed to match the way they appear on the cloud?


      Thank you.