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    CS4 Error 150:30



      Photoshop  CS4 - error 150:30 - I recently purchased a new Mac Mini to replace an older one.  I transferred Photoshop CS4 by way of my Time Machine.  When I try to open it I get the message "licensing for this product has stopped working ---- error 150:30" I upgraded to Mavericks but the problem preceeded that upgrade.


      From the Adobe website I downloaded License Recovery 111.dmg.  When I try to open "LlicenceRcoveryLauncher" I get the message "you can't open the application LicenseRecoveryLauncher because PowerPC applications are no longer supported" 


      When I try to open LicenseRecover I get the message "LicenseRecover can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer"


      What does all this mean and can anything be done?

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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes indeed something can be done. Recovering or tranferring CS4 from backup breaks the licensing mechanism and that's what 150:30 means. Some will advise you to reinstall, but you can try this first.


          If you use OSX 10.7 and above, you must run the python script in your Terminal app.


          Mac OS X 10.7

          a. Double-click the LicenseRecovery111.dmg

          Note: Leave this window open and proceed to the next step.

          b. Double-click your Hard Drive.

          c. Double-click Applications.

          d. Double-click Utilities.

          e. Double-click Terminal.

          f. Type “sudo python

          Note: There is a space following “python”. Do not press Return.

          g. Drag LicenseRecoveryLauncher.app from the LicenseRecovery111.dmg window onto the Terminal Window and press Return. Note: Make sure that the Terminal window has the command and the path to the APP file. For example: "sudo python /Volumes/LicenseRecovery\ 11.6.1/LicenseRecovery/LicenseRecover.py”

          h. Enter your administrator user name and password when prompted and click OK.

          i. Follow the onscreen instructions.