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    CC Acrobat pro install issues with mavericks

    nermie Level 1

      I am having a problem with Acrobat pro under CC with Mavericks. I had it installed ver 11.0.04 and kept getting messages to update (even though the CC menu said it was up to date). Installing the update would always fail error 1301. I have contacted Adobe support several times and been through all their solution steps and nothing seems to work. I have tried deleting and reinstalling via CC. This has also failed so now I am left with no Acrobat pro. I do not want to spend another hour + on the phone to Adobe to go through the same hoops again. There appears to be a problem between CC and normal installation, ie not talking to each other and I think this maybe compounded by OS X 10.9 Mavericks.


      Has anyone else had these type of issues and if so, how did you resolve them?


      Adobe's concept of support is non existent. Not having a support email address is unforgivable.