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    IE 11 - everything is wrong


      Help! I was having trouble using Flash Player with IE11 and Windows 7 - sometimes it worked, sometimes not. (It works OK with Safari.)  It didn't appear in the list of loaded add-ons, although when I looked at "all add-ons" there it was, labeled "enabled." Peculiar, no? So after trying six or eight of the various "solutions" recommended (ActiveX filtering, non-private browsing, accepting session cookies, stopping the pop-up blocker, using compatibility view, disabling my McAfee site advisor, etc.), I thought I'd be smart and uninstall the Flash Player and start over again.


      Big mistake.


      Right now the 6MB plug-in appears in my control panel (just 6MB) and the program appears to function again in Safari. But in IE11? No go. In fact, I've had to use Safari to get to post this question because with IE11 on the Adobe website nothing works. When I click on Flash Player on the Forums page: nothing.


      It's odd that this issue between Flash Player and IE has been going on for several months and no fix. Or is it?


      Any brilliant thoughts from anyone? Where do I start? Thanks to anyone who tries to help. Huge thanks to whoever comes up with the solution.


      Postscript a few minutes later: I should add that the Flash Player no longer appears in the IE11 list of add-ons at all, even though it works fine in Safari. And I can't log in here in IE11 either - I get a forever whirling and swirling cursor.