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    Problem with comma in data merge source document


      I am using InDesign CS6 on a Mac running Mavericks.


      I have created a data source document in Word, saved as a .txt file.  It is a single field, which is titles of documents. One of the documents has two commas in the title. When I do the data merge, that page only shows the portion of the title up to the first comma, and then the merge goes on to the next page.


      InDesign Help said to enclose the punctuated title in quotes. I have tried enclosing the entire title within quotes, and I have tried enclosing just the commas in quotes. I have used both straight quotes and curly quotes. The result is always the same, the title merges up to the first comma and then goes on to the next page.


      Usually Google is my friend, but I couldn't find any answers there either.  What am I doing wrong?