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    Huge Issues With CC Install


      I have Mavericks...I know, but I do.  I'm using an older machine, but I have Creative Cloud installed.  The issue I'm having is Dreamweaver.  Before we get started, I'll post a screenshot of what the issues are.


      Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 9.18.03 PM.png



      As You Can See...


      This is my workspace.  The CSS Designer does not display correctly; the properties pane isn't populating; and the toolbar is not displaying many of the options that should be availible.  I know this is wrong because on my macbook pro, all of the things I just mentioned display perfectly fine.














      What Have I Done?


      Alot actually. 


      1. After reasearching online for what felt like a decade, I discovered that Mavericks doesn't play nice with dreamweaver.  I have yet to uninstall Mavericks from my system because I want that to be the last thing I do after exhausting all other options.
      2. When I first opened the program, I was prompted with an indication to download verdana and tahoma fonts on my Mac; I did, but I did not include the itallic, bold, and bold itallic components; just the ttf file.  Whether I did it correctly or not, this did allow me to access dreamweaver, but only what you see above.
      3. I did not have it, but I have since downloaded Java 6.
      4. I've renamed Adobe properties files to old properties files and placed newer versions on my desktop; the adobe reps have done the same and yet, the result is the same as what you see above.
      5. I've uninstalled Dreamweaver 10 times and nothing ever changes...you still see what's up top.
      6. I've turned napping off form my Mac System Preferences Pane
      7. I've disabled font smoothing from my Mac System Preferences Pane
      8. I've had two reps remote onto my cpu with zero result.
      9. When going to the root user, any font I download doesn't seem to install appropriately; there are also ? in my applications dock at the bottom of the screen...WTF? (Have no idea if this matters, but I thought I would bring it up)
      10. I've restarted my cpu with no effect on anything.


      Although Dreamweaver seems as though it can save me a substantial amount of time...


      I can't f'n use it.  It's so frustrating to have the ability to code then purchase a cms that allows the integration of other premiere artisan development tools, only to find my self wasting time when I should be able to speed up my production time.  Any help is most appreciated.