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    Adobe After Effects Disk Cache folder is massive!!!


      Hi. My mac computer is starting to get out of free space so I use omnidisk to do some cleaning on my computer and I notice that there a folder in user/library/preferences/adobe/after effect/11.0/Adobe After Effects Disk Cache - user's MacBook Pro.noindex/.... that has lots of different folders, named with numbers, that has hundreds if not thousands of files that goes from 100kb up to 9mb! The total space taken by these files are 49gb!!!


      I did some fast research in here: http://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/using/memory-storage.html#caches_ram_cache_disk_cache _and_media_cache   and it says that after effects store some render data in the computer (i think )... but I'm really not going to open any of the old after effects files so my question is... can i delete that folder??? or is it vital for the program?


      By the way my computer has 750gb and 16gb of ram sooo yeah any help will be appreciated...