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    do script for get actual page number of PDF

    Sudha K




          I need to get actual page number of PDF in apple script. I am using the below code.  Its working fine for me in Adobe Acrobat Pro but not in Adobe Acrobat Professional 8. Its throwing error.



      tell application "Adobe Acrobat Professional"


          tell active doc


              --set myPageNum to do script "var p = this.numPages; var str = ''; var pgNum = this.getPageLabel(0); str = str+pgNum;"

              set myPageNum to do script "this.getPageLabel(0); "


              display dialog myPageNum as string


          end tell


      end tell



      Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 10.49.08 AM.png



      If anyone know, pls help me.



      Thanks in advance,

      Sudha K